Every year the Coccodrillo brand prepares clothing for the spring / summer season and autumn / winter, which contains dozens of collections. This is a consistent and comprehensive set, which provides an excellent base of children’s clothing regardless of children’s adventures and fantasies. It includes a variety of lines and outfits, tailored to the specific type of activity. The collections have a very diverse nature and are casual, sporty or elegant. Each has a unique and original style. The clothing is designed for children from 0 to 14 years of age. All the clothes are made from highest quality fabrics. In its activities the brand refers to a child’s world. Everyday learning and exploring the environment by the young children is an inspiration to improve their product. Practical design solutions make babies’ underwear adapted to their needs at consecutive stages of their development. The particular collections include various accessories such as shoes, hats, tights and socks. Wellingtons, capes and colourful umbrellas protect from summer rain. Backpacks and bags for shoes are perfect both for school and during holidays trips.


KATOWICE - Lato w Słonecznej Krainie

WARSZAWA - Spektakle plenerowe na Bielanach